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As of 2018, Tracy Chapman has 704,000 followers and a popularity score of 72 on Spotify. Tracy Chapman and New Beginning are some of the more popular Tracy Chapman albums. Notable tracks from these albums include Fast Car, Give Me One Reason, and Baby Can I Hold You. Fast Car has a popularity score of 75 out of 100, making it the most popular track from Tracy Chapman. Give Me One Reason and Baby Can I Hold You have popularity scores of 69 and 66, respectively. The Spotify popularity score is on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflects the number of times the song has been played and how recently it has been played.

Tracy Chapman Popular Songs

Tracy Chapman1
Fast Car
Tracy Chapman
New Beginning2
Give Me One Reason
New Beginning
Tracy Chapman3
Baby Can I Hold You
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman4
Talkin' Bout A Revolution
Tracy Chapman
Greatest Hits5
Stand By Me - Live At The Late Show With David Letterman
Greatest Hits
New Beginning6
The Promise
New Beginning
Tracy Chapman7
Across The Lines
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman8
For My Lover
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman9
Mountains O' Things
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman10
She's Got Her Ticket
Tracy Chapman