Tanya Memme

Tanya Memme

BornJune 8, 1971

    Tanya Memme is a Canadian actress who was born on June 8, 1971. Tanya Memme's recent filmography includes the movies Terror Inside (2010) and Jungle 2 Jungle (1997). In 2013, Tanya Memme appeared on the TV show Sell This House: Extreme.

    Tanya Memme Movies

    Terror Inside
    Terror Inside
    • Actor
    • Producer
    Jungle 2 Jungle
    Jungle 2 Jungle
    • Trader's Assistant
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    There are about 2 movies featuring Tanya Memme as of 2018. Some of the most recent Tanya Memme movies include Terror Inside and Jungle 2 Jungle. Terror Inside was released in 2010. Jungle 2 Jungle, released in 1997, featured Tanya Memme as Trader's Assistant.

    Tanya Memme TV Shows

    Sell This House: Extreme
    Sell This House: Extreme
    • Host
    • 2013
    • 2012
    • 2011
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    There is only one TV show that has featured Tanya Memme as of 2018. Sell This House: Extreme is the only recent TV appearance for Tanya Memme. Tanya Memme hosted Sell This House: Extreme in 2013.

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