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Sarah Bolt

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Sarah Bolt is an actress. In 2015, Sarah Bolt appeared on the TV show Elementary. On Spotify, Sarah Bolt has a somewhat limited fanbase with only around 10 followers and a popularity score of 2 out of 100 as of 2018. Her most popular track on Spotify is "Walmartopia" from the album Walmartopia, The Musical.

Sarah Bolt TV Shows

  • Maggie Halpern
  • 2015
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There is only one TV show that has featured Sarah Bolt as of 2018. Elementary is the only recent TV appearance for Sarah Bolt. In 2015, Sarah Bolt played Maggie Halpern on Elementary.

Sarah Bolt Popular Songs

Walmartopia, The Musical1
Walmartopia, The Musical
Walmartopia, The Musical2
March Of The Executives
Walmartopia, The Musical
Walmartopia, The Musical3
Outside The Big Box
Walmartopia, The Musical
Walmartopia, The Musical4
A New Age Has Begun
Walmartopia, The Musical
Walmartopia, The Musical5
A Woman's Place
Walmartopia, The Musical
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As of 2018, Sarah Bolt has 10 followers and a popularity score of 2 on Spotify. Walmartopia, The Musical is a popular album by Sarah Bolt. Notable tracks from this album include Walmartopia, Walmartopia, and March Of The Executives. Walmartopia is Sarah Bolt's most popular track, scoring 3 out of 100 on the popularity scale. Walmartopia and March Of The Executives have popularity scores of 3 and 1, respectively. The Spotify popularity score is on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflects the number of times the song has been played and how recently it has been played.

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