Raquel Houghton

Raquel Houghton

BornDecember 20, 1981
  • 2

Raquel Houghton is an American singer who was born on December 20, 1981. Raquel Houghton has a slightly small audience on Spotify with only a popularity score of 2 out of 100 and about 2 followers as of 2018. In 2012, Raquel Houghton appeared on the TV show Criminal Minds.

Raquel Houghton TV Shows

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds
  • Cara Barrett
  • 2012
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There is only one TV show that has featured Raquel Houghton as of 2018. Criminal Minds is the only recent TV appearance for Raquel Houghton. In 2012, Raquel Houghton played Cara Barrett on Criminal Minds.

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