BornAugust 27, 1975
BirthplaceJacksonville, Florida
  • 343.3k
  • 17

Mase is a singer who was born on August 27, 1975 in Jacksonville, Florida. On Spotify, Mase is fairly popular with a popularity score of 69 out of 100 and about 343,000 followers as of 2018. His most popular track on Spotify is "What You Want (feat. Total)" from the album Harlem World. Mase appeared on the TV show The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 2004.

Mase Popular Songs

Harlem World1
What You Want (feat. Total)
Harlem World
Harlem World2
Feel so Good
Harlem World
Double Up3
All I Ever Wanted
Double Up
Welcome Back4
Welcome Back
Welcome Back
Harlem World5
Lookin' at Me (feat. Puff Daddy)
Harlem World
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As of 2018, Mase has 343,000 followers and a popularity score of 69 on Spotify. Harlem World and Double Up are some of the more popular Mase albums. Notable tracks from these albums include What You Want (feat. Total), Feel so Good, and All I Ever Wanted. What You Want (feat. Total) is Mase's most popular track, scoring 62 out of 100 on the popularity scale. Feel so Good and All I Ever Wanted have popularity scores of 62 and 52, respectively. The Spotify popularity score is on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflects the number of times the song has been played and how recently it has been played.

Mase TV Shows

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
  • Performer
  • 2004
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As of 2018, Mase has appeared on only one TV show. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno is the only recent TV appearance for Mase. In 2004, Mase performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

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