Katri Helena

Katri Helena Relationships

Who is Katri Helena dating?

Katri Helena is currently in a relationship with Tommi Liimatainen. They have been together since 2013.

Relationships Overview

Katri Helena has had 2 romantic relationships. Her longest relationship is with Tommi Liimatainen, which has lasted for 6 years and 6 months. Katri Helena has also had a relationship with Timo Kalaoja

Dating History

Tommi Liimatainen

Tommi Liimatainen

Katri Helena has been dating Tommi Liimatainen since 2013.

Timo Kalaoja

Timo Kalaoja

Katri Helena was married to Timo Kalaoja until 1988.

Partner Breakdown

AgeHeightWeightOccupationNationalityZodiac Sign
Katri Helena73-----
Tommi Liimatainen------
Timo Kalaoja------