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As of 2018, Joseph Arthur has 29,000 followers and a popularity score of 40 on Spotify. Come to Where I'm From (Real World Gold), Redemption's Son, and In the Sun - Single are some of the more popular Joseph Arthur albums. Notable tracks from these albums include In the Sun, Honey And The Moon, and In the Sun - Edit. In the Sun has a popularity score of 42 out of 100, making it the most popular track from Joseph Arthur. Honey And The Moon and In the Sun - Edit have popularity scores of 37 and 36, respectively. The Spotify popularity score is on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflects the number of times the song has been played and how recently it has been played.

Joseph Arthur Popular Songs

Come to Where I'm From (Real World Gold)1
In the Sun
Come to Where I'm From (Real World Gold)
Redemption's Son2
Honey And The Moon
Redemption's Son
In the Sun3
In the Sun - Edit
In the Sun - Single
Streetcar - Single
Come Back World5
Come Back World
Come Back World - Single
Seek and Find6
Seek and Find
Seek and Find - Single
Could We Survive7
Could We Survive
Could We Survive - Single
Walk On The Wild Side
Our Shadows Will Remain9
A Smile That Explodes
Our Shadows Will Remain
Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours (Limited Edition)10
Shock The Monkey
Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours (Limited Edition)