James Joyce

James Joyce

BornFebruary 2, 1882
BirthplaceDublin, County Dublin, Ireland
DiedJanuary 13, 1941
Place of DeathDublin, County Dublin, Ireland
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James Joyce is an Irish author who was born in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland on February 2, 1882. In 2015, James Joyce appeared on the TV show Downton Abbey. James Joyce's recent filmography includes the movies Mortdecai (2015) and Irish Writers (2003). James Joyce has a relatively small fanbase on Spotify with only a popularity score of 17 out of 100 and around 1,300 followers as of 2018. His most popular track on Spotify is "When the Shy Star (feat. Kristina Train)" from the album Goldenhair.

James Joyce TV Shows

Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey
  • Dinner Guest
  • 2015
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There is only one TV show that has featured James Joyce as of 2018. Downton Abbey is the only recent TV appearance for James Joyce. James Joyce played Dinner Guest on Downton Abbey in 2015.

James Joyce Movies

  • Duke's Footman
Irish Writers
Irish Writers
  • Actor
A Woman Under the Influence
A Woman Under the Influence
  • Bowman
Too Late Blues
Too Late Blues
  • Reno
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There are about 4 movies featuring James Joyce as of 2018. Some of the most recent James Joyce movies include Mortdecai, Irish Writers, and A Woman Under the Influence. James Joyce played Duke's Footman in Mortdecai, released in 2015. Irish Writers was released in 2003. James Joyce played Bowman in A Woman Under the Influence, released in 1975.

James Joyce Popular Songs

When the Shy Star (feat. Kristina Train)
Sleep Now (feat. Kristina Train & Julian Lennon)
Dubliners (Unabridged)3
Dubliners, Chapter 1
Dubliners (Unabridged)
James Joyce's Dubliners4
The Sisters
James Joyce's Dubliners
A Little Cloud5
A Little Cloud
A Little Cloud - Single
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As of 2018, James Joyce has 1,300 followers and a popularity score of 17 on Spotify. Goldenhair and Dubliners (Unabridged) are some of the more popular James Joyce albums. Notable tracks from these albums include When the Shy Star (feat. Kristina Train), Sleep Now (feat. Kristina Train & Julian Lennon), and Dubliners, Chapter 1. When the Shy Star (feat. Kristina Train) is James Joyce's most popular track, scoring 9 out of 100 on the popularity scale. Sleep Now (feat. Kristina Train & Julian Lennon) and Dubliners, Chapter 1 have popularity scores of 5 and 5, respectively. The Spotify popularity score is on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflects the number of times the song has been played and how recently it has been played.

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