Jaden Martin

Jaden Martin

    Jaden Martin is an actor. Reach Me (2014) and After Earth (2013) are some movies in Jaden Martin's recent filmography. Jaden Martin appeared on the TV show Speechless in 2016.

    Jaden Martin Movies

    Reach Me
    Reach Me
    • Lil' Dominic
    After Earth
    After Earth
    • Nine-Year-Old Kitai
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    There are about 2 movies featuring Jaden Martin as of 2018. Some of the most recent Jaden Martin movies include Reach Me and After Earth. Jaden Martin played Lil' Dominic in Reach Me, released in 2014. After Earth, released in 2013, featured Jaden Martin as Nine-Year-Old Kitai.

    Jaden Martin TV Shows

    • Harley Ressler
    • 2016
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    There is only one TV show that has featured Jaden Martin as of 2018. Speechless is the only recent TV appearance for Jaden Martin. Jaden Martin played Harley Ressler on Speechless in 2016.

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