George Riddle

George Riddle

BornMay 21, 1937
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George Riddle is an American actor who was born on May 21, 1937. George Riddle's recent filmography includes the movies The Automatic Hate (2016) and The Innkeepers (2012). In 2015, George Riddle appeared on the TV show Inside Amy Schumer. His most popular track on Spotify is "Set Up Another" from the album There Stands The Glass.

George Riddle Movies

The Automatic Hate
The Automatic Hate
  • Grandpa Howard
The Innkeepers
The Innkeepers
  • Old Man
Every Day
Every Day
  • Old Man #2
Flannel Pajamas
Flannel Pajamas
  • Calvin
Little Manhattan
Little Manhattan
  • Frank
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There are about 6 movies featuring George Riddle as of 2018. Some of the most recent George Riddle movies include The Automatic Hate, The Innkeepers, and Every Day. George Riddle appeared as Grandpa Howard in The Automatic Hate, released in 2016. The Innkeepers, released in 2012, featured George Riddle as Old Man. George Riddle played Old Man #2 in Every Day, released in 2011.

George Riddle TV Shows

Inside Amy Schumer
Inside Amy Schumer
  • Appearing
  • 2015
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There is only one TV show that has featured George Riddle as of 2018. Inside Amy Schumer is the only recent TV appearance for George Riddle. George Riddle appeared on Inside Amy Schumer in 2015.

George Riddle Popular Songs

There Stands The Glass1
Set Up Another
There Stands The Glass
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As of 2018, George Riddle has 1 followers and a popularity score of 0 on Spotify. There Stands The Glass is a popular album by George Riddle. Notable tracks from this album include Set Up Another. Set Up Another has a popularity score of 0 out of 100, making it George Riddle's most popular track. The Spotify popularity score is on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflects the number of times the song has been played and how recently it has been played.

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