Clay Fontenot

Clay Fontenot

    Clay Fontenot is an actor. Clay Fontenot's filmography includes The Book of Eli, from 2010. Clay Fontenot appeared on the TV show No Ordinary Family in 2011.

    Clay Fontenot Movies

    The Book of Eli
    The Book of Eli
    • Convoy Thug
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    As of 2018, Clay Fontenot has appeared in only one movie. The Book of Eli is the only recent movie featuring Clay Fontenot. The Book of Eli, released in 2010, featured Clay Fontenot as Convoy Thug.

    Clay Fontenot TV Shows

    No Ordinary Family
    No Ordinary Family
    • Bus Driver
    • 2011
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    As of 2018, Clay Fontenot has appeared on only one TV show. No Ordinary Family is the only recent TV appearance for Clay Fontenot. No Ordinary Family featured Clay Fontenot as Bus Driver in 2011.

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