Cate Smit

Cate Smit

    Cate Smit is an actress. I Do & I Don't (2007) and Happy Hour (2004) are some movies in Cate Smit's recent filmography.

    Cate Smit Movies

    I Do & I Don't
    I Do & I Don't
    • Caitlyn
    Happy Hour
    Happy Hour
    • Publicist
    Last Days of Disco
    Last Days of Disco
    • Helen
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    As of 2018, Cate Smit has appeared in about 3 movies. Some of the most recent Cate Smit movies include I Do & I Don't, Happy Hour, and Last Days of Disco. I Do & I Don't, released in 2007, featured Cate Smit as Caitlyn. Happy Hour, released in 2004, featured Cate Smit as Publicist. Cate Smit played Helen in Last Days of Disco, released in 1998.

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