The Result Is In

After four hours of deliberation, an eight-member Denver jury awarded Taylor Swift $1 in a lawsuit against a local DJ for sexual assault and battery. The DJ alleged Taylor Swift lied about the assault and got him fired. In the wake of the trial, Swift stated she will donate to help victims of assault defend themselves in court.


The facts of the case hinge on a concert that Taylor Swift played in Denver in 2013. During a meet and greet at the concert, the alleged assault occurred between Swift and David Mueller. The trial was initiated when Mueller filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift seeking $3 million in damages alleging that Swift’s comments resulted in his wrongful firing.


The case took over 3 years to deliberate.  U.S. District Judge William Martinez heard the case and dismissed in part Mueller’s suit but allowed a portion to go through. The remaining case pertained to a claim of interference with his employment at KYGO-FM. As Mueller’s attorney spoke, Swift was apparently in tears. Later Swift’s lawyer stated that the incident was witnessed by several people. During the trial, Swift herself took the stand, and while keeping composure she described how she continued the meet and greet in order to not let those around her know what happened.  Swift fired back at Mueller’s attorney when the attorney tried to focus blame on Swift’s bodyguard and Swift herself.


After considering the evidence, the jury, composed of six women and two men, unanimously sided with Swift. They awarded a symbolic $1. The jury also found Taylor Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift, not liable for tortious interference with David Mueller’s employment.


Following the trial, Swift spoke of understanding her privilege. She knew she could bear the costs associated with defending such a lawsuit and that many victims cannot. The $1 victory is a symbol for her, and that such conduct is no longer acceptable in the industry. She will fight to prevent it.