Inside the Emmys: Unexpected Wins and Highlights

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards and Creative Arts Emmy Awards aired this month and the show had interesting nominations and wins. It had expected wins and unexpected losses. Here are a few highlights from our analysis.

Virtual Reality Gains Ground

Virtual Reality made a showing! Oculus won a Creative Arts Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for “The People’s House – Inside The White House With Barack And Michelle Obama.” Alternative media might win more next year, so stay tuned!

Networks By The Numbers

HBO and Netflix for the win! HBO led Primetime Emmy Award network wins with a whopping 29 and Netflix was second with 20. Netflix has been spending around a whopping $6 billion for content development and plans only to increase that number for next year. The fast rise and dominance of Netflix was highlighted by host Stephen Colbert when we opined, “just remember, their hottest movie five years ago was a scratched DVD of ‘Finding Nemo.”

Network nominations exhibited favor for big networks and a large playing field of smaller networks. Six networks received a combined 30 total nominations and at the bottom end, 23 networks only received one nomination. 

Breakdown Of Actors and Writers

Past wins matter! Compared to previous wins about 52% of nominated shows and around 43% of actors have won past Emmy Awards. So a past win might indicate a likelihood to win next year.

There are interesting numbers about age and we examined it! Of the nominees, 45% of writers and directors are between the ages of 45 and 54. So most wins are middle-aged. The youngest nominated actor is Millie Bobby Brown, 13 years old, while the oldest actor is Anthony Hopkins, 79 years old. That’s a 66-year difference!

We examined gender differences too and found some interesting numbers. Only around 11% of nominated writers and directors are women. Actor nominations might have a closer balance, but differences behind the camera are stark.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our highlights, and we look forward to analyzing the next show.

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