Best Taylor Swift Blogs

Taylor Swift is one of the best known contemporary singer-songwriters today. With an early start, she moved to Nashville at age 14 and went on to win multiple Grammy Awards. Given her high profile, it’s no surprise that there are a number of sites dedicated to reporting on her. This is our list of the best Taylor Swift blogs, in no particular order.

Taylor Swift Style

The original Taylor Swift fashion blog chronicles all “ensembles from the sidewalk to the red carpet to the stage.” Launched October 2011, Taylor Swift Style is the most up-to-date Swift fashion blog on the web. It features daily commentary and is an extensive resource for its users. The blog has over 100,000 readers (including Taylor Swift herself) and over 3,500 finds including clothes, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. The blog’s creator, Sarah Laine, has received wide acclaim for her work.

Taylor Swift Web

Started in 2007 by blogger Hong, Taylor Swift Web states that it’s the largest and longest running source for everything Taylor Swift. As fans of one of the most photogenic musicians in the industry today, Swifties can never get enough photos of their favorite singer. This site has over 180,000 photos, a number other blogs might have trouble matching. In addition to photos, the blog also features several sections about Taylor herself, including a great biography, an autobiography, complete discography, trivia, quotes, awards, and even fan mail. The site also maintains a robust social media presence with many followers and regular posts.

The Swift Agency

This unofficial fan blog for Taylor Swift is packed with great stuff. Updated regularly, the blog covers news updates and insider information about Taylor. Their calendar is particularly helpful for tracking the release of albums and videos. The blog’s editor shares personal experiences with concerts, sometimes dedicating multiple posts to a single experience in order to go even more in-depth. There are also reviews of new albums, photos, and curated video playlists.

Taylor Swift Online

Swifties are always looking for a good way to stay updated with all things Taylor. Taylor Swift Online is a fan blog edited by Lou. It was started in 2014 and boasts a generous photo gallery of over 30,000 images and a healthy readership. Posts include reviews of photo shoots, public sightings, and publications. This is a great place to stay updated on Taylor.

Steal Her Style

Steal Her Style is the perfect blog for Swifties who want to look just like the beloved pop star. This blog features clothes, accessories, and shoes that Taylor wears, along with prices and links to the items. Styles come from Taylor’s music videos, ad spots, and album covers, as well as looks she sported while out and about.  Prices of items range from the very affordable to the unattainable. There are also photos of her hairstyles, makeup, and nails to help any fan attain the look they want.


As one of the more active celebrities, Taylor Swift generates a lot of buzz with her high profile relationships and impactful public appearances. For fans eager to keep up with the very latest, TaySwiftDaily provides up-to-the-minute coverage of Taylor Swift. It has a lot of good images with tags relevant to her activities with fans, shows, and appearances. The blog also features a great FAQ page with song analysis and tour information.

Taylor Swift (Official)

One of the best sources for all things Taylor is her official website! The site is packed with amazing images, album covers, videos, news, swag, and event information. The site features beautiful large images of recent album covers. Fans who register as a verified fan can also browse concert tickets.

The Guardian

While not a fan blog, fans can’t go wrong getting their Taylor Swift news from The Guardian. The reputable British newspaper has a sizable online footprint, with a whole section of their site focused just on the star. The high-quality writing, professional photography, and in-depth reporting make The Guardian a wonderful source for news about Taylor Swift. 


Wikia is a free collaborative media platform hosting FANDOM, a pop-culture editorial project. It sources articles from fans and an editorial team. This crowdsourced Swift page has all the information you need!  From quotes to trivia you can browse a substantial amount of quality content. It even has a section for her pets!

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