Best Rihanna Blogs

Rihanna is one of the best selling artists of all time. Her Twitter has an astonishing 81 million followers and her Instagram has over 57 million followers. There are a lot of great sources for information on the star and this is our list of the best Rihanna blogs, in no particular order.

Haus of Rihanna

Haus of Rihanna is a fashion blog dedicated to documenting the star’s style. The site features posts of Rihanna and an analysis of what she’s wearing. The site’s posts are broken down into categories as specific as scarves and gloves. Interestingly, the site also tracks designers worn by Rihanna, and each item she’s been spotted wearing from the designer.

Rihanna Daily

Followed by over 3 million fans and with over 40 million site visits, Rihanna Daily is one of the best sources for information on the celebrity. The site was started in 2005 and has over 640,000 followers on Twitter and 1.3 million on Instagram. Rihanna Daily is run by Natalie and Rodrigo who regularly feature updates on the celebrity with articles and high-quality images.

Rihanna Now (Official)

Rihanna Now is one of the best official celebrity sites out there. The site has all the updates, photos, videos, and tour information from the source, as well as access to Rihanna’s fragrance line and Fenty Beauty, the beauty line. The site also has a fashion section with excellent high-quality images of items.

Rihanna Online

Started in 2005, Rihanna Online regularly posts updates about her style, tours, photos, and videos. Fans can quickly see the latest updates on a feed at the top of the page, and fans can learn everything about Rihanna’s career. We were especially impressed by the detail of analysis found in the Career section where fans can learn even about each of Rihanna’s advertising campaigns, beauty, and fashion.

Ultimate Rihannas

Ultimate Rihannas is an impressive collection of all things Rihanna. Fans of her music can track down where to listen on Spotify, Tidal, or iTunes, as well as have the chance to stream directly from the site. The site details updates on her fashion releases, awards, and public sightings. There is also a complete list of request links for fans to request her music throughout the country.

Steal Her Style

Rihanna is unquestionably a fashion icon, and Steal Her Style does her justice. Fans can follow her style closely with frequent posts that break down each of her items, with price and links to purchase. The site even has a section devoted to Rihanna’s hairstyles with over 100 different photos. There are even over 40 photos of her different nail styles!

The Rihanna World

Greeted with quality images, The Rihanna World has been a fan favorite since 2011. The site updates fans with public appearance news, important dates, and fashion trends. Viewed almost 400,000 times the site has over 40,000 images divided into over 1,500 albums. Fans can uncover any image they are looking for at The Rihanna World.

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