Best Kim Kardashian Blogs

The beloved and entertaining Kim Kardashian has built a brand empire. In just eight years she has amassed over 50 million Twitter followers and over 100 million Instagram followers. In 2015, Time magazine listed her as one of the 100 Most Influential People and fans can’t get enough of the star. This is our list of the best Kim Kardashian blogs, in no particular order.

Kardashian World

Kardashian World focuses on all the Kardashians, but it’s a great source for information on Kim. The site has a new post nearly every day, and it has a substantial photo gallery with over 470,000 images for fans.  Users can browse Kim’s photo section or images with other family members.  The site also has a great Twitter page with thousands of tweets.


With over 110,000 images Kim-Kardashian.Bz is a great source for photos of the socialite. Users will also find the image categories useful because images can be filtered by appearances, magazines, photo shoots, red carpet, and more! In addition to the site’s Twitter, the editor, Marian, regularly posts news updates and interesting videos.

Celebrity Buzz

With a focus on news updates and relationship information, Celebrity Buzz regularly posts about Kim. The site also has many trending news articles and stories about Kim, as well as many great images of the star. Celebrity Buzz also has a strong Twitter following with over 870,000 followers accumulated since 2008.

Fashion Bomb Daily

Fashion Bomb Daily is an excellent source for fans to learn more about Kim’s beloved fashion sense. Posts include, “Snapshots” with high-quality images of fashion items like accessories, makeup, and clothing, “On the Scene” with style from appearances, and “Look of the Week” which explores some of Kim’s most liked fashion choices.


When it comes to fashion, Kim does not disappoint! Elle has a section on its site devoted entirely to her style. The featured posts focus a lot on Kim’s style as she is spotted in public, with images and a description of the sighting. Fans can keep up with Kim and her outfits, and share the posts easily on social media.

Steal Her Style

Steal Her Style is a mainstay of celebrity fashion information. With a section on many stars, the Kim section is filled with excellent breakdowns of her style. In each post, the editor includes a photo of Kim and a listing of each item worn by her. Items include clothing, accessories, and makeup. With each item, there is information on the price of the item and a link to purchase it.

Star Style

Star Style is a robust site of celebrity fashion. With posts dating back over a decade, Star Style has done a great job of documenting Kim’s fashion sense. Each post features an image of Kim in various settings and an item she is wearing in the image. The posts have links directly to items featured and list whether an item is sold out.

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