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The Super Bowl-performing pop-culture icon Katy Perry is beloved by her fans and followers. Perry tested out of high school at the early age of 15 to pursue music. She achieved minor success with a song featured in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and later signed with Capitol Records before releasing several chart-topping hits. This is our list of the best Katy Perry blogs, in no particular order.

Katy Perry Daily Net

Katy Perry Daily gives fans a healthy dose of Perry. The landing page features a collection of photographs from tours and awards. Notably, the site explores Katy’s Bot, a messenger bot released by Perry to provide her fans a virtual backstage pass to her tour. The blog highlights important facts about Perry’s life and interests, and the site pride’s itself on being Paparazzi free. The site is hosted by Flaunt.Nu and was started in 2008.


KP Daily

Started in 2010, Katy Perry Daily has been dishing up quality content to its users every day. The site has photos broken down by photoshoots, magazines, tours, and public appearances. The site also features tour and discography information for easily scoping out what Perry has been up to. Interestingly, the site also includes Katy Perry fragrances with scent description and release date.

I Heart Katy Perry

As one of the longest running fan sites, I Heart Katy Perry has been around since 2009 and regularly posts photos from tours and appearances. The site lists all upcoming shows, with the ability to buy tickets. The archive section of the site has tons of great high-quality Perry images during formal shoots, concerts, and at appearances.

Hello Katy

Started in 2010, Hello Katy is a Tumblr with an excellent array of memes, gifs, and pictures. The site has thousands of great high-quality photos of the star including some from her newest Witness Tour. Fans can quickly filter through content with well-designed tags and share content via Twitter.

Katy Perry (Official)

Of all official celebrity sites out there, Katy’s is one of the best. Not only does the site feature the usual high-quality images, tour and news information, and links to merchandise, it also includes something different, a bot. Katy’s Bot which has among its features exclusive video content, games, and selfie filters, is one of a kind. The bot can notify and assist with concert tickets, and fans can also browse important causes that Perry supports.

Style Bistro

For fans interested in Katy Perry’s style, Style Bistro has you covered. This site has an abundance of great fashion analysis with item breakdowns of Perry’s various sightings. Whether it’s award shows, concerts, photo shoots, or out and about, Style Bistro focuses on the star’s various fashion items, with the ability to see when other celebrities wear something similar. Fans can also see Perry’s various accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, and hats.

Steal Her Style


Steal Her Style features some of the best coverage of celebrity fashion on the web, and Katy Perry’s section does not disappoint. The site goes into Katy’s wardrobe by breaking down clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes. Fans can also browse Perry’s makeup and hairstyles. The piercings section is especially interesting because it shows all of her piercings along with the type of piercing she uses.


FanPop and The Katy Perry Club begins with a feed of hundreds of images and continues with trending videos, polls, and questions and answers. This site is a great place to find crowdsourced answers about the star and hear from other fans about Perry’s life and performances.

Just Jared

Just Jared covers the latest in Perry news. From relationships to fashion, the site explores in detail events in the life of the star. For example, fans can learn about Katy Perry’s birthday celebration with photos from a party thrown during the latest auditions for American Idol in Nashville, Tennessee. The post shows party guests like Luke Bryan, Ryan Seacrest, and Lionel Richie, as well as a moment when Perry was surprised with a puppy (since the theme of the party was “puppy”).

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