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At the age of 24, Ariana Grande has taken the world by storm. Beginning with a career on Broadway, Grande went on to star in several television shows and she’s had an acclaimed music career. Her first single debuted in the Billboard Top 10 and her music videos have been watched over 8 billion times. Fans are always looking for ways to learn more about the star so this is our list of the best Ariana Grande blogs, in no particular order.

Ariana Today

Ariana Today is perhaps the ultimate source for Ariana Grande. The site started in 2013, and was followed by Ariana herself in 2014! With Spotify playlists, music videos, and regular news updates, this site has it all. Her fans are able to vote for Ariana in upcoming awards and request her music worldwide. The photo gallery is broken down into sections including candids, appearances, magazine shoots, and more.

Ariana Grande Web

Ariana Grande Web is “Your 24/7 online dose for all Ariana updates.” The site has been online since 2011 and is rich with content about the actress and musician. The editor does a great job of including fun facts about Ariana. Did you know her favorite cereal is Cocoa Puffs? With fun facts, thousands of photos, and Twitter content, Ariana Grande Web is a great addition to the list.

Ariana Grande Online

Ariana Grande Online was started in 2009 and has since racked up over 2 million fan visits. The site is owned by Alex and Mykey and features a combination of all things Ariana. In addition to some great photos, fans can listen to Ariana on Spotify, watch live content, and read dozens of fun facts.

Ariana Pictures

Dedicated to photos, Ariana Pictures has thousands to browse. Content is broken down into useful categories including most viewed, last viewed, and random photos. The top categories are for television and appearances, however, fans can also browse photos from musicals, fan contests, and tours. The site has over 50,000 images in 169 categories.

Ariana Grande Official

The best source for Ariana Grande news and merchandise is her official site. Filled with great content, the Bkstg section of the site has several different feeds that fans will enjoy browsing. In addition to Ariana’s feed, there is also a fan feed, challenge feed, and group feed. Fans can also check out the official store for swag and buy concert tickets.

Steal Her Style

Steal Her Style is a site dedicated to celebrity fashion. The site follows several individuals and focuses coverage on everything from shoes to earrings, where to find items, and highlights discounts on goods. The section on Ariana Grande features much of her clothing, hairstyles, makeup, and nails. The page has images and links to the items worn by Grande.

Ariana Grande Fandom

With eye-popping images, colorful gifs, and memes, Ariana Grande Fandom’s Tumblr is an exceptional source of posts. The site also has a section titled “50 Reasons Why I Love Ariana Grande,” where the editor of the page lists reasons for her support of the star. In addition to great images, the site also explores her background, influences, and philanthropy.

Star Style

With a focus on style for both men and women, Star Style follows the fashion of several celebrities. Ariana’s Star Style page features a feed of the star’s clothing, both on and off the stage. With each post, fans are shown a breakdown of what Ariana was wearing and often where they can buy it. For fans looking to know more about Ariana’s style, it’s a useful place to check out.


FanPop is an entertainment site with content about celebrities, music, movies, books, and more! Fans will love that they can create and respond to polls, questions, and take quizzes (sorted by difficulty). The site also features a wiki and a section for fan-sourced article coverage.

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