Andy White

Andy White

BornMay 28, 1962
BirthplaceBelfast, County Antrim, United Kingdom
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Andy White is a singer who was born in Belfast, County Antrim, United Kingdom on May 28, 1962. On Spotify, Andy White has a slightly modest following with only about 600 followers and a popularity score of 10 out of 100 as of 2018. His most popular track on Spotify is "Religious Persuasion" from the album Rave on Andy White. Daring Game (1968) and Gentle Giant (1967) are some movies in Andy White's recent filmography.

Andy White Popular Songs

Rave on Andy White1
Religious Persuasion
Rave on Andy White
Vision Of You
Rave on Andy White3
Reality Row
Rave on Andy White
In a Groovy Kind of Way
Rave on Andy White5
The Soldier's Sash
Rave on Andy White
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As of 2018, Andy White has 600 followers and a popularity score of 10 on Spotify. Rave on Andy White and Andywhite.compilation are some of the more popular Andy White albums. Notable tracks from these albums include Religious Persuasion, Religious Persuasion, and Vision Of You. Religious Persuasion is the most popular track from Andy White, scoring 8 out of 100 on the popularity scale. Religious Persuasion and Vision Of You have popularity scores of 8 and 6, respectively. The Spotify popularity score is on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflects the number of times the song has been played and how recently it has been played.

Andy White Movies

Daring Game
Daring Game
  • Screenwriter
Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant
  • Screenwriter
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As of 2018, Andy White has contributed to about 2 movies. Some of the most recent Andy White movies include Daring Game and Gentle Giant. Daring Game was released in 1968. Gentle Giant was released in 1967.

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