Andrea Pezzi

Andrea Pezzi Relationships

Who is Andrea Pezzi dating?

Andrea Pezzi is currently single.

Relationships Overview

Andrea Pezzi has had 2 romantic relationships. The longest relationship was with former girlfriend Claudia Pandolfi, which lasted for 2 years. Andrea Pezzi has also had a relationship with Cristiana Capotondi

Dating History

Cristiana Capotondi

Cristiana Capotondi

Andrea Pezzi dated Cristiana Capotondi in 2007.

Claudia Pandolfi

Claudia Pandolfi

Andrea Pezzi dated Claudia Pandolfi from 1999 to 2001.

Partner Breakdown

AgeHeightWeightOccupationNationalityZodiac Sign
Andrea Pezzi45--Radio PersonalityItalianScorpio
Cristiana Capotondi38--ActressItalianVirgo
Claudia Pandolfi44--ActressItalianScorpio